476 Visa

Australia is keen to welcome highly skilled engineers to live and work in the country which is why they introduced the 476 Visa.  476 Visas give our clients a temporary eighteen month stay in Australia provided that they have the necessary engineering qualifications- a degree or higher from a recognised overseas institution, completed in the last two years. It’s the perfect way to start your career as an engineer in one of planet’s most sought-after destinations for immigration. Thousands of people come to us each month looking to live and work in Australia and we’re always ready to help them achieve their goals. Our clients enjoy a success rate of 98%- more than any other immigration consultancy, so it’s not surprising that we continue to be the world’s most-trusted immigration specialist. To see what we could do for you, give our team a call right now or take our free online assessment to see if you’re eligible to live and work Down Under.

Our clients could expect to have their 476 Visa processed in less than a year when working with Global Visas’ team of immigration experts. However, we would always recommend that our customers do not purchase any tickets for travelling before such time as their visa has been successfully processed. This is because the processing of visas is the responsibility of the Australian government and, as such, we are unable to give guarantees relating to a third party. The times and fees associated with processing are subject to change by these authorities but we will always keep you up-to-date with your case’s progress.


You will not need to have been offered a job with an Australian firm in order to be eligible for this type of visa. Many types of Australian visa have this as a requirement but this an exception to that rule. If you are looking for work in Australia then Global Visas can help there, too. We have a dedicated employment team who help hand-pick jobs for our clients, updating them constantly about job opportunities tailored to them in Australia. It’s because we’ve been helping people to move to Australia since 1996 that we’ve built up a great network of employers in Australia; they’re always looking for skilled overseas workers and we’re always more than happy to put them in touch with our clients. It’s this comprehensive service which makes us the world’s number one choice for immigration consultancy services.



The government fees for this type of visa are currently around a few hundred dollars, although this price is set by the government of Australia and not by us. Why waste time and money doing your own immigration paperwork when our expert advice is so affordable and effective? With Global Visas, you can put your feet up and relax while we do all the hard work for you. We only employ the very best immigration lawyers and experts to pass on their in-depth knowledge of Australian immigration to our clients, which is why we’re still the world’s number one provider of Australian immigration services.