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Who can go to Australia?

Australia remains one of the most attractive immigration destinations for skilled workers and families around the world.  However, this means the current advice to their immigration officers is:

"Where you need to use your discression always favor refusal."  

Deputy Prime Minister

There are several categories for Australia visas, most of which relates to working, studying or joining family. What is the most suitable for your situation to help you immigrate to Australia as quickly and easily as possible. 

Australia immigration officials have maintained Australian visa figures at 115,000 for many years.  Research by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIC) has discovered the large number of skilled immigrants moving to Australia with higher education levels has raised employment levels for Australians who are not as relatively skilled.

The mining industry and construction has fuelled further demand for skilled workers across Australia, meaning that there is a range of Australia immigration opportunities available to suit a variety of skill sets and education levels

In May 2008, the then Australian Immigration minister, Chris Evans, said he wanted ‘a major overhaul of the migrant program to boost numbers, promote unskilled as well as skilled Australian visa applicants’, making Australia immigration the most liberal and well maintained systems in the world, and copied by western countries.

The Australian Government has introduced a number of multi-billion dollar incentives including spending on infrastructure and cash handouts to most Australians to lift consumer spending and it appears to be working.

Australia also makes one off payments of $21,000 to first time home buyers which immigrants are fully entitled to.

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