Business Owner Visa for Australia

There has never been a better time to invest in Australia than now. You don’t need to be a financial genius to spot just how far the country has come in the last few decades, thanks to the emergence of new technologies fuelling the Aussie economy. Right now, thousands of foreign businesspeople are taking advantage of this boom in Australia and you could be there, too, with a little help from Global Visas. Whether you’re looking to establish a brand new company Down Under or want to expand your already successful business, then we have the immigration solutions to suit your needs. Often, business visas are the most complex of all which means that having expert knowledge behind you is key in getting your case accepted. We have been obtaining Australia business visas for our clients since 1996, meaning that we’re the world’s most-trusted immigration consultancy. Our team works tirelessly for our clients and their intimate knowledge of Australian immigration makes applying for a business visa easier than ever. Get in touch with us today to see what we could do for you and your business.

Our clients who are granted Business Owner visas have the right to live, work and run a business in Australia for up to for years. After these four years, other options for permanent residency or extending your visa will become available subject to you meeting certain criteria. For more information on gaining permanent residency or if you have any questions about business visas, please take our free online assessment or give us a call and we’ll be glad to help. Because you are entering Australia to run or set-up a business, you will not be required to have a job offer in order to be accepted.

Business Visas are, in part, judged on a points-based system. For this, our clients will need to demonstrate that they are proficient in English and have some standard of internationally-recognised qualification. There are also financial considerations relating to the business, too. Typically you will need to have an annual turnover of around half a million dollars and have assets of just under a million in total. You must already own at least 10% of the business if you are to be eligible for entry under this type of visa. 

When it comes to getting your Australian Business Visa sorted, Global Visas is the world’s number one choice. Because business moves so quickly, it’s vital that you choose the right immigration specialist who can process your visa quickly and effectively. We would expect to have your Business Visa processed in just a few months, so call us now to find out more. Neither the timescale of processing nor the costs associated with it are controlled by us, rather they are the responsibility of the Australian authorities. Due to this, both are subject to change and therefore we always advise clients to wait for a successful outcome before committing themselves to any financial agreements beforehand, such as travel tickets. At the moment, the government fees for these visas are around a few thousands dollars.