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Investor Australian Business Visas

Perhaps you’ve got a few examples of handling a business or investment well and you think you could do the same thing abroad then you need an Australia business visa. The country’s full of fantastic opportunities given the skilled workforce and government support for fledgling businesses. If investment’s your game then the Australia Investor Visa covers you for four years and, if you meet all the requirements, can get permanent residency – definitely a great reward for your hard work.

Business Owner Australia Business Visas

Like other Australian Business Visa options, this type lasts 4 years as well and its requirements revolve around business experience and financial backing. Your success as a business owner will be heavily scrutinised, as will your company’s turnover and private finances. For those High Net Worth Individuals with no immediate plans to set up a new business the Investor Visa may be appropriate, contact us today for more information.

Investor Retirement Australia Business Visas

If you’ve got the necessary funds to be able to retire in Australia, you could be qualified under this sort of Australia visa. To be eligible you have to be sponsored by an Australian state or territory. You also have to do an investment in that state’s government. Global Visas can handle this entire process for you, so take the free assessment to find out more.

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An Australian Business Visa isn’t easy to get. With tough restrictions and varying eligibility criteria, it’s important that you seek advice from the Australia immigration experts at Global Visas. Take the free assessment to get the right visa chosen by one of our world-leading Australian immigration lawyers. Find out further information on our Australia Investor Visa page.