Child Visa for Australia

Being separated from your children or parents is often extremely traumatic which is why we’re always so proud to help reunite families with Australia Child visas. It’s so satisfying to help bring families together and, with many years of experience in Australian immigration law, we have helped thousands. It’s because we only employ top immigration professionals that our clients can enjoy a success rate of over 98% with an unrivalled level of customer service. Why wait to bring your child to Australia any longer when our service is so effective and affordable? Don’t risk having your case rejected and trust the world’s biggest immigration consultancy to do all the hard work for you.

Child Visas for Australia entitle our clients to live in Australia on a five-year residency should one of their parents be either an Australian citizen or permanent resident. To be eligible the child must be under the age of 25, single and dependent on their sponsor. Currently the government fees for this type of visa stand at around a couple of thousand dollars. However, unlike other visa types for Australia, you will not need to prove maintenance in order for your application to be accepted. This means that you do not have to demonstrate that you are financially able to support yourself or the child in question for the duration of the visa.

Another great benefit of this visa is that, once accepted, your child will be able to apply for Australian citizenship and could be accepted should they fulfil all the necessary criteria. For any help in obtaining your child Australian citizenship then speak to one of our advisers today. There can surely be no better peace of mind than making your child an official citizen of Australia too, and our team of Australian immigration specialists can help you every step of the way. For more information on Australian citizenship or child visas, take our free online assessment or call to speak with one of our friendly team right now.

Child Visas for Australia can take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years to process; this is because the Australian authorities need to make all of the relevant checks in relation to the child before making a decision. It is important to note that Global Visas do not carry out the actual processing itself, rather this is done by the Australian immigration authorities meaning that we cannot affect either the times or costs associated with processing. Therefore, we would advise our clients not to book any travel arrangements which may be affected by delays in processing.

There are fewer things more important than the relationship between parent and child, so getting the right help to bring your child over to Australia is essential if you want to get it right first time. Many clients only come to us after years of trying and failing with their own applications; don’t waste time and money and get the real immigration professionals on your side today.