Currency & Finance Services for Australia

Global Visas is an immigration specialist focusing on providing first-class advice for Australia immigrants.  Part of our service means looking after our clients hard earned cash to make sure the tax man does not cliam it all.  

We are not financial advisors nor are we a bank but we are independent helped over 400,000 since 1996 and do not earn any fees from our impartial advice.

We don't perform currency and finance services in-house. As with any of the ancillary services Global Visas offer, we thoroughly research our partners to provide the best currency and finance services in the Australian migration industry.

Through our preferred supplier network Global Visas can assist with currency and finance services for clients who are considering immigration to Australia.

We have good relationships with National Australia Bank and others to ensure our clients are supported by the experts ready to assist them in every step.

We have great relationships with several FX companies and investment, pension and insurance firms who we have hand picked to help our clients.

It is important to plan your financial move as carefully as you plan your immigration case.

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