Australia Investor Visa

Investing in Australia could be the best move you’ve ever made and thousands of foreign investors are already reaping the rewards of investing in Australia. You, too, could be making your mark Down Under with an Australia Investor Visa from Global Visas. Right now, there’s a huge surge in applications for Australia investor visas because so many have seen great opportunities springing up all over this amazing country. For the last two decades Australia has been undergoing a radical transformation with the result of becoming one of the planet’s most affluent countries thanks, in part, to the rapid rate of technological innovation inside Australia. Not only are all of the resources and talent already here in Australia but it’s now easier than ever to make the move Down Under to invest. If you would like to be a part of the Australian investment revolution then don’t delay any longer and contact the world’s most-trusted immigration experts, Global Visas, right now. 

Australian Investor visas typically entitle our clients to live and work in Australia for up to four years. To qualify, they must be under the age of 55 and prove that they have an acceptable level of English language skills as well as the requisite managerial experience- 3 years. Financially, they will need more than two and a half million dollars in assets, own at least 10% of a business and place one and a half million dollars into a state-approved investment. If you’d like to take your family with you to Australia on this visa too, then the Australia Investor is perfect for you as it allows multiple dependents to travel. If you are unsure whether you qualify for this type of visa or would just like any more information then please get in touch with our team right away. By taking our free online assessment you can find out whether or not you are eligible for an Australian Investor Visa.

Global Visas can help you to invest in Australia quicker than ever before thanks our team of hard-working immigration professionals. Although business visas usually take the longest to process, we would expect to have your business visa ready in less than a couple of years. The Australian government set the timescales and fees for processing so there is, unfortunately, nothing we can do to affect either of these. They need to ensure that the business and investment opportunity is right for the country and make all of the appropriate checks before allowing entry, which is why the process is such a long one. But, by applying for an Aussie investor visa through Global Visas, you can be sure of giving yourself the best possible chance of being successful. Our in-depth knowledge of Australian immigration law means that our clients currently enjoy a 98% success rate, and we won’t be satisfied until every one of our clients achieves their ambitions. At the present time, the fees for this type of visa are around two thousand dollars per main applicant, with an additional few hundred for each dependent.