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Global Visas - Australian Job Search, When you are off shore it is difficult to capture the employers attention or find the correct jobs to ensure the necessary work permit.  Our team are on hand to help you re-write you resumé to Australian standards.  Review your references so they are compliant with Australian Immigration requirements but also so they are understood by Australian employers.  Finally we complete a full skills qualification Australian equivalency test so the Immigration Authorities and employers are confident in your skills.  

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We then assist you locate your perfect job.  Once you have your job we can secure your working visa if you require sponsorship from an employer to spped things along.  The other route is the skills route and the visa would already be in process.

Below are a few general current skilled visa routes.  If you are not on this list we may have to secure you an employer before you leave home.

Many government-run skilled work programs cover occupations such as teaching and medicine as well as internships in Australia. 

Australia offers a wide range of career opportunities to foreign nationals, through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) scheme and employer or state-sponsored visa program. Engineering, construction and IT Jobs in Australia  are all popular sectors. Below are some of the other areas in which Australia recruits workers.

Teaching Jobs in Australia

Teaching is one of the areas through which applicants may qualify for GSM. The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) includes the following types of teachers:

  • Pre-primary school
  • Secondary school
  • Special needs
  • Teaching of hearing-impaired, sight-impaired and special education pupils

The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) also recruits a wide variety of teaching professionals, including private tutors in arts, dance and drama.

Medical Jobs in Australia

Medical skills are in great demand in Australia, with visa applications from nurses generally receiving priority processing. Healthcare professionals at all levels can be recruited through GSM, or through sponsored employment. Demand for doctors is particularly high in rural and remote areas, and the Department of Health and Ageing’s DoctorConnect website provides information on this. Among the benefits of doctor jobs in Australia are:

  • Opportunities in both public healthcare (Medicare) and the thriving private sector
  • A diverse range of work locations, from big city teaching hospitals to the Flying Doctor Service
  • An outdoor lifestyle and a high standard of living

Farm Jobs in Australia

A working holiday visa allows foreign migrants to do fruit picking jobs in Australia and other types of horticultural and agricultural work. Visa holders have a wide range of jobs and locations to choose from, and they can stay up to six months with the same employer. If you want to do farm work in Australia you are entitled to the same pay and working conditions as an Australian citizen. Strict laws govern both employers and foreign migrant workers.

Explore Job Opportunities in Australia with Global Visas

Whatever your level of skills and experience, the Global Mobility and Employment service experts at Global Visas can put you in touch with the right employment agency and help you work in Australia. We can help you look for graduate jobs in Australia and offer you up-to-date information on which professions currently are recruiting foreign migrants. Make the most of your qualifications by talking to us about recruitment in Australia.