Northern Territory of Australia

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Northern Territory State Sponsorship

The Northern Territory state sponsorship scheme is designed to address gaps in the local labour market by making it easier for people with these skills to immigrate to the territory. State sponsorship for the Northern Territory is open to those with occupations on the state’s list (for details about which occupations are on the list this year, contact us).

To be eligible for this category of Australia visa, applicants must either be graduates from a Northern Territory university or prove that they have worked in the Northern Territory in that occupation for at least six months or have some other close ties with the region, such as close family. Each occupation has a limited number of places for a certain year and applicants generally require between three and five years post-qualification experience to be eligible for this type of Working Visa Australia. For more information, contact us today by taking our free visa assessment and within 24 hours one of our team will call you back with detailed advice based on your qualifications.  For further information you might like to check out Relocation Australia pages to find out more and also our guide to moving to Australia.

Northern Territory Immigration

Those granted permanent state sponsorship are free to apply for permanent residency in the Northern Territory at any time. Those with provisional state sponsorship must work full time for two years in their occupation before they can apply for permanent sponsorship and with it residency / Australian Citizenship. Find out further information on our Australia Visitors Visa page.