Permanent Residence in Australia

Gaining Permanent Residency for Australia is so important for our clients who have been living and working in the country for some time, or have strong links to the country through family and friends. It means that they can feel at home in a country which has been their home for a long while, giving great peace of mind and a feeling of acceptance. Not only does gaining permanent residency feel great, as a reward for such hard work, but it also guarantees our clients the same rights that most Australian citizens already enjoy. For such an important application, it is always a good idea to come to the real Australian immigration professionals to get the very best results. With a success rate of over 98%, you can count on Global Visas to handle your case for Australian Permanent Residency professionally and affordably. 

The best routes to Permanent Residency are by working or studying in Australia. Generally, a lot of our clients who become permanent residents first come to Australia as part of a skilled migration program. These programs are there to fill the holes in the Australian workforce; hiring overseas talent to come in and fill roles that simply cannot be filled by Australians. Once they have completed their work visa, they often return to us at Global Visas to help them achieve permanent resident status. Of course, this is not the only way to become a permanent resident but it is certainly the most popular route. To find out if you are eligible to become an Australian permanent resident, contact us today by calling or taking our free assessment.

Permanent Residency cases are some of the more complicated routes to Australian immigration, due to the seriousness of what approval or rejection could mean for both the country and the client. The Australian government needs to take its time in order to decide whether an applicant fits the bill of an Australian permanent resident, and this often takes quite some time. Because the processing of visas is carried out by the Australian government and not by Global Visas, we are unable to control either the times or fees set out by them. This is why we always strongly advise our clients to wait for their case to be approved before making any financial commitments which could be adversely affected by any delay in processing.

Because Permanent Residency cases are so important, it’s always a good idea to trust a professional immigration consultancy to help you prepare your case. Not only will our expertise give you peace of mind in your application but it will also give you the best chance for success- shown by our incredible 98% success rate. These applications often take months or years to complete, so being rejected initially could set you back years in your journey to Australian permanent residency. Don’t take that risk and get your application for Australian permanent residency dealt with by the world’s biggest and most successful immigration consultancy.