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Queensland State Sponsorship

Brisbane immigration Australia, in the state of Queensland, like most Australian territories has its own state sponsorship scheme to address certain skills gaps in the local area. State sponsorship in Queensland allows the applicant to reside in the territory on a temporary basis while they look for work. It does not, however, guarantee an offer of work and those sponsored must compete in the labour market like anyone else.

To be eligible for this type of immigration, the applicant must have an occupation on the Queensland eligible skills list, relevant qualifications, registration and a good standard of English. In addition, the applicant must have at least one year’s experience in their field and often more depending on the occupation. The skills list changes depending on what skills are needed in the area on a given year and has a specific number of places. To find out if you qualify contact the department of immigration, Brisbane or cut through the bureaucracy by contacting us directly today.

Employer Sponsored Immigration in Brisbane

If you do not have an occupation on the state skills list then you can still qualify for immigration to Australia. It is still possible to work in Queensland if you have an offer of employment within the state and your employer can prove that they cannot source someone with your skills locally. Jobs can often be found through international recruitment sites or a migration agent in Brisbane.

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Immigration Queensland

The immigration office of Brisbane stipulates that permanent residence is available for those who are permanently sponsored by the government. Those who under temporary sponsorship must work full time in their chosen occupation (and in the state of Queensland for at least one year) before they can apply for permanent sponsorship and with it permanent residence if they so wish.

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