Spouse Visa for Australia

Moving out to live and work in Australia with your spouse could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made, and making it happen is now quicker and easier than ever thanks to Global Visas. Starting a new life together as a couple Down Under could start an entirely new life for you and your partner as you enjoy all the great benefits of Australian life. The country has been one of the globe’s hottest places to migrate to for some time now and this trend is only set to continue, thanks to a booming economy and fantastic quality of life. Spouse Visas for Australia give our client the right to live and work in gorgeous Australia on a five-year residency and are some of our most popular visas for Australia. There are always limited places for entry to Australia, so give yourself the best chance of success by using Global Visas’ world-class service.

For your case to be accepted, you will need to demonstrate that you have been married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident for more than five years. Gathering and presenting evidence relating to relationships is always extremely difficult; many immigration officers will catch out applicants thanks to them providing too much, or not the right type, of evidence. After all, how do you prove that you have a relationship? It can be quite difficult which is why knowing all the ins and outs of Australian immigration law is all-important. We pass on this unrivalled insight into Australian immigration law to our clients so that they achieve the very best results. And with a success rate of over 98%, you can see for yourself why our service is the world’s number one.

You will need your partner to sponsor you in order to be accepted into Australia on a Spousal visa. This means that they will have to demonstrate an ability to financially support you for the duration of the visa, as well as being over the age of 18. Unfortunately, same-sex partners are not currently recognised by the Australian government.

Many visas for Australia require that candidates receive a job offer from an Australian company before they’re allowed to enter but the Spousal visa is one of the exceptions. Not only that but you also won’t need to prove that you are able to support yourself financially either. Under this visa type, the person responsible for supporting you in this way is your sponsor.

Our clients could expect to have their Spouse Visa for Australia processed in less than a year. The fees and times of processing are all determined by the Australian immigration authorities and not by Global Visas meaning that we are, unfortunately, unable to affect either. Why not put your feet up and relax while our team of dedicated immigration experts do all the hard work for you? Because the processing is not carried out by us, we would strongly advise our clients to wait for their visas to be successfully granted before committing themselves financially to any travel arrangements or any other such thing which may be affected by a delay in processing.