Study in Australia

Every year Global Visas helps thousands of people to study in Australia. Our dedicated team of Student Counsellors provides the expertise and assistance that you need to pursue your plans to go to college or university in Australia, and help you with every step of the process from finding a college or university in Australia through to applying for Australian student visas and even arranging shipping and banking in Australia.

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Australia’s colleges are incredibly popular with international students. Last year, more than 185,000 Australian student visas were issued for one academic year alone.  This now means the places in the Colleges are limited now.

With an even greater number of applicants every year, it’s critical that your application is completed thoroughly and professionally. If you have plans to apply for student visas for Australia or enrol in a College in Australia.  It is sensible to take a care in completing your enrollment forms as will literally mean acceptance or decline.

Find Your College in Australia

Once you have selected a course of study, finding the right college in Australia is the next challenging, and with over 40 colleges spread across the country the decision is even more difficult without having visited them all or having friends who can compare them for you. To help you manage this important decision, Global Visas’ Student Counsellors are prepared to help you with advice and support.

Utilizing a network of professional education contacts across the country, we’ll work with you personally to help you put your plan to study in Australia into action. From finding the right program at the right college to applying and enrolling, Global Visas will provide you with the highest standard of assistance available.

Securing the appropriate visa for Australia

Applying for the proper Australian student visa is critical to your plans to study in Australia. With different visa options and thousands of applicants competing for student visas, you need to ensure that every aspect of the process is completed appropriately.