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Global Visas is the number one agency for a Western Australia Immigration visa, from the initial application to help and advice even after you arrive in the country. If you’re planning to move to Australia to work, note that each territory has its own state sponsorship program designed to fill skills gaps in the labour market. For further advice on Western Australian state sponsorship and Western Australia immigration see our important information below or contact us directly today by taking our free visa assessment.

Western Australia State Sponsorship

State sponsorship in Western Australia was set up to help local employers find people with the skills that they need easily by recruiting internationally.

To be eligible for state sponsorship in WA applicants must have an occupation on the state’s skills list. In addition, applicants must prove they have a good level of English by undertaking an IELTS test, including those from English-speaking nations such as the UK, US and Canada. Migration to WA is extremely popular and there are a limited number of places for each occupation for a given year so it is important to get your application in early.

For more information on which occupations are on the skills list contact a migration agent in Perth or find out instantly, today by contacting us through our free Immigration Australia assessment.

Western Australia Migration

Applicants who are given permanent state sponsorship can apply for permanent residence immediately through the department of immigration in Perth. Applicants who have temporary state sponsorship can upgrade their status after two years of full time work in their occupation in the territory. If this is successful they can then apply for permanent residence. If you are already working in WA under the scheme you can find out your status from immigration agents in Perth. Alternatively for fast, free, impartial advice contact Global Visas online today.

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