Austria Immigration

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Austria Immigration

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Austria immigration is one of our areas of expertise and we can advise you on the best way to achieve long-term or permanent residency in Austria. If you are thinking about immigrating to Austria, why not get in touch with Global Visas by taking our free assessment. One of our consultants will call you back within 24 hours to talk you through your options on immigration to Austria.

Below is a guide for those considering long-term Austrian immigration for work, matrimony, retirement or other reasons. Find out more about your temporary options by visiting the Austria Visa Requirements page.

Immigrate to Austria

Foreign nationals who are not citizens of an EU or EEA country will require a settlement permit, also known as Niederlassungsbewilligung, to live in Austria permanently. Austria has a quota system for assessing applications in various categories.

Immigration to Austria for work

Foreign nationals who want a permanent residence permit for Austria will only qualify if they are classified as key personnel – or Schlüsselkraft. To find out whether you are eligible, get in touch with the experts at Global Visas by taking the free assessment.

Austria immigration for families

People who want to join parents, spouses or civil partners already working in Austria can be granted leave under a settlement visa known as Niederlassungsbewilligung-beschränkt. This type of Austria residence permit imposes restrictions: spouses and civil partners must be aged 21 or over, while children must be underage and unmarried.


Austrian immigration for non-workers

Those seeking an Austria residence permit who do not intend to work – perhaps because they are already retired – may be granted a permit known as ausgenommen Erwerbstätigkeit. Again, this is subject to the quota requirements.

Other ways to qualify

Other routes to Austria immigration for foreign nationals include holding a permanent residence permit for another EU country; or obtaining an Angehöriger permit, which in certain cases can be given quota-free to the relatives or partners of Austrian, Swiss or EU citizens. Austria may also grant residence titles (known as Aufenthaltstitel) after five years of continuous residence or legal settlement and compliance with the Integration Agreement.