Jobs make Immigration Possible

In the past ten years I have noticed a steady reduction in the number of visas that allow a person to go to a new country just because they want to.  That can include student visas, family visas and retirement visas.  At the same time I have also noticed the criteria for a person entering a country based on their own skills or wealth becoming harder.  Now the entry requirement for most is simply too hard or too expensive unless their skill is bank robbery.  Even then I am not sure many banks have any cash left to rob!!!!

Joking aside the simple fact is the only way to emigrate that has not changed is via employment.  The Governments may have changed the forms for sure, from their name to their color and even font type but when it came to the crunch they were not prepared to take on big business and curtail their access to labor overseas.  In fact in many cases they have made it easier.  That is why now Global Visas works closely with most of our clients to support them in finding that perfect job and then in turn we work closer still to ensure the employer secures the work visa quickly.

International employment is profitable for both the employee and the employer.  It is a win – win arrangement the only down side is that the Governments have to justify why they allowed a foreign worker in to take the job of a local person.  The truth is of course the local person never applied for the job or was not willing/skilled enough to take the job.  International employment is a massive part of international commerce and will only continue to grow.  There are several pit falls to watch out for when looking for work overseas.

Never accept the first job offered unless it is perfect and you have been able to check out the company in detail.

Never sell yourself short as you are worth the market rate.

Always ensure you have the same medical and pension cover or alternative arrangements as your co-workers.

Do not expect the best jobs to come to you go and look.

Prepare for your interview and learn all about the local market conditions.

Always take every rejection as a step closer to receiving a yes.

Never give up following your dream.

Prepare a perfect Resume in the local terms so the employer is impressed.

Be prepared to travel when required – Good jobs don’t wait.

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