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Work in Brazil

There are several different categories of Brazil work permit, so it is essential that you seek expert advice to find the best category for your needs. The following is a summary of the main visas for work in Brazil.

The Cultural Visa to Brazil (Visa I) allows skilled workers to remain working in Brazil, provided their work is for a government or private institution. It also allows scientists, professors and researchers to stay in Brazil for research projects. Take the free assessment to find out if this is the visa for you.

Temporary Visa III is designed for professional artists, musicians of sportspeople wishing to perform in Brazil.

Temporary Visa V allows highly skilled scientists and technicians to work for a Brazilian company, provided they already have a valid employment contract.

Temporary Visa VI is a work visa for Brazil specifically designed for media correspondents.

The above are the most popular categories of Brazil work visa, however there are a range of additional visas to consider. Click on the free assessment to find out which visa you need to work in Brazil, and Global Visas will contact you with our reliable, expert advice.

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