Alberta Provincial Nomination

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The Alberta Provincial Nomination Programme is a Canada immigration route which allows people to immigrate to Canada based upon an offer of employment from a company in the province.

Many provinces have such provincial nomination programmes in place, each with their own qualification requirements and processes.

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Canadian Provincial Nominee Programmes offers a route to settled status in Canada and enables successful applicants to live and work in Canada with permanent resident status.  People who viewed this and found it helpful aslo read our guide on British Columbia Nomination visas. 

In many cases, applying for a province-specific route, rather than a federal skilled worker visa approach, can result in a Canada visa being processed more quickly.

After satisfactory completion of the residency requirement for Canadian citizenship of three years, a candidate with permanent residence may apply to become a Canadian citizen.

Provincial nominee programmes do not involve the same level of skills-based assessment required for other types of applications (ie., work visas).

Applying for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Programme takes an applicant's skills and experience into account, along with their ability to adapt to life in the province. However, no points based skills assessment is required.

Understanding the system

The principle behind the Alberta Provincial Nomination Programme is that the province may choose a limited number of candidates to immigrate to Alberta in order to meet identified skills shortages 

Approved employers may recruit the skilled individuals they require and submit them to the programme for approval. If they are approved then candidates may apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for a Canadian permanent resident's visa.

In Canada, visa applications for Alberta immigration will progress through the following four stages.

Stage 1

An employer completes an employer application form to demonstrate the need to recruit from outside the domestic workforce.

This is submitted to Alberta Employment, Immigration & Industry to be assessed.

Stage 2

Alberta Employment, Immigration & Industry reviews the employer application and recommends it to the Nominee Programme.

Stage 3

If the employer application receives approval, employees wishing to migrate to Alberta can be recruited.

A job offer is made at this stage of the process.

Stage 4

If the potential employee is approved, they may apply for permanent residency in Canada.

This programme is an employer-led initiative and applicants cannot apply themselves.

An applicant wishing to immigrate to Canada through this route must have a guaranteed job offer from an approved employer in Alberta in order to be eligible.

Once a submission has been made by an employer, a candidate will be assessed upon their related work experience, the extent to which their qualifications meet the requirements of the employer, industry standards and their ability to settle into Alberta.


Migration to Canada through the Alberta nomination scheme permits spouse, fiance and dependent immigration and successful applicants may bring their spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner and any dependent children with them. Find out further information on our Quebec page.