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Welcome to Global Visas - the world-leading immigration company. Our exciting mix of solicitors, ex-immigration officers and Canada immigration specialists work together to get you the visa you need to make your dreams a reality.

We are the biggest and best visa consultancy in the world, with more locations and a higher success rate than any other immigration company. Our size means we can offer lower prices for expert legal services, so you do not have to risk using a local company when you can use the world’s leading name at no extra cost.

Relocation is a big step and is important to get right first time, every time. You need expert Canada immigration advice and support throughout your move - from applying for a visa to finding work, moving your belongings and finding a home. Global Visas can do it all, so click on the free assessment to contact us today.

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One of the areas in which Global Visas excels is Canada immigration services. If you want to visit Canada or move there to work, a Canada immigration consultant like Global Visas can make the process run more smoothly. So whatever type of visa you’re applying for, contact us by taking the free assessment. Just click on the link below and an adviser will call you back within 24 hours to discuss how our Canadian immigration consultancy can help you.

Here are a few good reasons why we believe Global Visas is your best choice for Canada immigration service. To find out more about applying for a Canada visa through Global Visas, get in touch with us by taking the free assessment.

Knowledge and Experience

Immigration is a complex and rapidly changing area of the law. At Global Visas we employ former immigration officers and licensed advisers as well as Canada immigration lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the subject. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recommends that you choose a Canada immigration attorney who is a member in good standing of a Canadian law society. Global Visas works with a practitioner from the Law Society of Upper Canada.

You Can Trust Global Visas

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, accreditations are an important factor in determining which Canada immigration consultants are the most reputable. Global Visas was established in 1996 and is the worlds largest Canada Imigration Services company.  We also assist with all aspects of relocationg to Canda from Tax, Shipping, open bank accounts to much more.  We are also able to assist people who wish to study in Canada find the right college.

Registered Canada Immigration Consultants

Global Visas is certified by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC). This is a not-for-profit, self-regulatory body that protects consumers and ensures the highest standards of education and competency within the industry.

Choose Canada Immigration Services through Global Visas

We know that your family, your studies and your future can depend on the result of your visa application. When you choose Global Visas you can rest assured that you are dealing with experts in Canadian immigration. Your case will be handled by an experienced Canada immigration lawyer, who will give you the best chance of achieving your goal. Find out further information on our Find Work in Canada page. The best way to contact us is to take our free assessment. Just click on the link below to begin the process.