Canada Visas

We are the biggest Canada Visa consultancy in the world, with more locations and a higher Canadian Visa success rate than any other immigration company. We pride ourselves on putting our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Our aim is to secure your work permit and also aisst you secure the best jobs available.  We take care of everything from re-writing your resumé, reviewing the last ten years of your employment references to completing a full qualifications equivalency test against Canadian standards to ensure we present you to local employers and the Canadian Immigration Authorities in the best possible light. 

We also prepare you for interviews so you are comfortable using the terms you may need in Canada to be easily understood and confident in all interviews. 

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The Global Visas consultants are well qualified to advise you on all the different types of Canadian visas for families and for work in Canada.  We give you all the information you need. The best way to find out about Canadian visas is to take the Global Visas assessment.

Below is an overview of the main types of Canadian visas available. To discuss your eligibility and find out more, take the Global Visas free online assessment.

Canada Visas

Foreign nationals who want to move to Canada on a permanent basis have several options. As a worker you can apply through the skilled migration scheme or the Provincial Nominee schemes operated by individual Canadian provinces. Long-term residency is also possible for business people or through the Family Class. Global Visas can guide you through the various paths to immigration and explain the separate arrangements operated by Quebec.

Canada Visas Work Permit

Though skilled employment is a route to long-term residence in Canada, there are also Canadian visas available for temporary and short-term employment in many areas. Global Visas staff can advise you on which sectors are currently recruiting and whether you will also require a temporary resident visa to work in Canada.

Canadian Student Visa

If you’re studying in Canada for longer than six months you will normally require a study permit. Students who want to earn money during their course may be able to do so without a work permit. To find out about your eligibility and the documents you’ll need to support your application, get in touch with Global Visas by taking our free online assessment.

Canadian Business Visa

Canada actively seeks applications from experienced business professionals who can make a significant contribution to its economy. There are three categories of Canadian visa for business, covering entrepreneurs, investors and the self-employed. Global Visas can take you through the financial commitment required and how to apply.

Canadian Family Visa

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) grants permanent residence to foreign nationals through the Family Class. If you want to emigrate to join a partner, spouse or relative, let Global Visas explain how you might qualify.

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The consultants at Global Visas have many years’ experience dealing with all types of Canadian visa. Whether you’re a tourist, an entrepreneur or a student, we’ve got everything covered. Find out further information on our Find Work Canada page. Why not save yourself time by clicking on the link below to take our free assessment?