Job Opportunities in Canada

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Social Care and Teaching Job Opportunities in Canada

Social care professions, such as nursing jobs for work in Canada, social work jobs in Canada, pharmacists, dentists and family doctors are considered highly sort-after and working visas can therefore be applied through the Federal Skilled Worker scheme. The scheme allows job seekers to apply for visas before they have a job offer, fast-tracking the process. There is, however, a cap of 20,000 applicants per year and no more than 1000 applicants will be considered for any one profession. Nursing jobs in Canada are particularly popular, so it is vital to get your application in early. To be eligible, applicants must have the relevant qualifications and at least one year’s paid experience in the past 10 years of this type of work. Teachers do not qualify for his scheme and must obtain an offer of employment before they are eligible for a work visa.

Business and Finance Job Opportunties in Canada

Business professions including accounting jobs in Canada and marketing jobs in Canada do not qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker scheme. As such, the applicant must already have their job offer to be eligible for a work visa and their employer must have proved to the authorities that a suitable candidate cannot be found within the country. Once this is approved, the applicant can apply for a work visa, supplying a medical certificate, any criminal history information and undertaking an interview to prove that they can speak English or French, as part of the process.  We have several guides if you find this page helpful like engineering jobs in Canada to help you in your hunt for a great job.

University Job Opportunities Canada

All university jobs in Canada must be obtained before the candidate applies for his or her work visa. Once a work visas is approved, the applicant can then apply for a temporary residence visa allowing them to live in the country for the duration of their visa. Find out further information on our Engineering Jobs page.