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Pathways to Employment in Canada

The pathway for jobs in Canada for immigrants is different depending on your profession. Under the country’s Federal Skilled Worker scheme, some professionals can enter the country without an offer of employment if their skills are considered of high-importance to the labour market. Vocations in this scheme include nursing, welding, carpentry and careers in the oil and gas industry. Those with professions outside the scheme must find an employment sponsor (offer of work) in the country and their employer must prove to the authorities that they cannot source someone with those skills locally, before a work permit is given.

Provincial Nominee Programme

If you wish to settle permanently in a particular province you can apply for an immigration visa directly from its local government. The government will then assess your application to determine whether your skills are needed and if you plan to make a long-lasting commitment to the area. If you meet the criteria you will be nominated by the province and receive an immigration visa allowing you to apply for international jobs in Canada. The advantage of going through the provincial system is that it is often faster than the central government immigration bureau. For more information on overseas jobs in Canada in its most popular cities, see our other pages about work in Canada.

Jobs in Canada: Vancouver

Those applying for jobs in Vancouver must either apply for their work visas through the central government or the province of British Colombia (BC). Jobs in BC, Canada for foreigners are available under the provincial scheme if the applicant is either sponsored by an employer in the area or they are educated to a master’s degree level or higher, in either natural, applied or health sciences. In addition, a few places are kept open each year for those with skills in other occupations, for more information contact us today.

Jobs in Canada: Toronto

The city of Toronto, in the province of Ontario operates its local immigration system in much the same way as other provinces, streamlining the process so local companies can source internationally, skills they need more quickly than if they relied on the central government. Jobs for foreigners in Ontario, Canada are available for those with highly-sort after skills in fields such as business, technical and health. To be eligible, the applicant must have been offered permanent, full-time employment with a wage in keeping with the market level. In addition, the employer must have been in business for at least three years, have a minimum of five permanent employees and have made at least $1,000,000 gross revenue in its most recent fiscal year.

Jobs in Alberta Canada

Provincial nominee places are available Alberta for those who either have a job offer in the area in a skilled occupation, are recent graduates or are semi-skilled people in select occupations.

How Global Visas Can Help With Jobs in Canada

Global Visas are experts in both employer-sponsored jobs in Canada and the provincial nominee system. For more information, contact us today by taking our free visa assessment and within 24 hours one of our trained recruitment consultants will call you back with free advice on how to start to find jobs in Canada. Find out further information on our IT Jobs page.