Nova Scotia

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If you are seeking permanent residency in Canada, Global Visas can advise on all your options for Halifax immigration. If you need information about the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration, we can help. The best way to get in touch with us is to take our free Canada immigration assessment. Just click on the link below to give us your details.

Moving to Nova Scotia

Permanent residence in Canada is available through the federal skilled worker program, the business immigration scheme, or through family connections. Like many Canadian provinces, the Government of Nova Scotia participates in the Provincial Nominee Program, which fast-tracks workers with the right skills and experience. The Nova Scotia Nomination Program (NSNP) aims to identify work-ready candidates who are committed to building a life in the province.

How to apply for Nova Scotia immigration

Overseas applicants seeking a permanent move to Nova Scotia should find out as much as possible job vacancies, wages and skills requirements in Nova Scotia. Global Visas can provide this information via the FREE assessment. So click on the link above to start applying today.

The different streams for Nova Scotia immigration

Applicants must determine which category of Canada work visa under the NSNP they qualify for. There are six streams available:

  • Skilled Worker – this requires a full-time job offer from a Novia Scotia employer.
  • International Graduate – for those with a full-time job offer and three months’ work experience.
  • Community Identified – for those with a strong connection to a Novia Scotia community
  • Family Business worker – for those with a full-time job offer from a Novia Scotia owned by a close relative.
  • Non-Dependent Child of Novia Scotia Nominee – applicants must want to enter the job market and contribute to the economy.
  • Agri-Food Sector – for foreigners who plan to start a business in the agriculture sector for primary and/or value added production.

Find out which category is right for you by taking the free assessment.

Apply for Nova Scotia immigration through Global Visas

The consultants at Global Visas have many years of experience in helping candidates move to Nova Scotia and other Canadian provinces. If you have questions about the steps to getting a permanent Halifax visa, talk to us. Find out further information on our Prince Edward Island page. The best way to get in touch is to take our online assessment by clicking on the link below.