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Quebec immigration is just one of the areas on which we can provide information to both individuals and businesses. The province has independently-governed immigration laws separate to the Canadian visa, which is why Global Visas employs a registered Quebec Immigration Consultant to ensure we are fully qualified. If you are thinking about living in Montreal, Global Visas can outline the best way to apply for a Quebec visa. To get in touch with us, all you need to do is click on the link above to take our free assessment.

Below is a brief outline of the Quebec immigration program, which includes the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa. For questions about Montreal immigration, contact Global Visas by taking the free assessment.

What’s different about Quebec Immigration

Under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration, the province of Quebec operates its own immigration scheme, which is separate from the other Canadian provinces. Foreign nationals interested in immigrating to Quebec will first need to apply to the Government of Quebec for a certificate of selection (CSQ). As in other provinces, they must then apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent residence.

Immigration to Quebec: skilled worker route

Those considering immigration to Montreal should research the job market to see how their trade or profession is run in Canada. Obtaining a CSQ does not guarantee a job in your chosen field. Various selection factors are used to grade applicants on a points basis. These include:

  • Education and training
  • Work experience
  • Knowledge of French and English
  • Holding a valid job offer from a Quebec employer

Immigration to Quebec: business people

If you’re seeking a Montreal visa for business purposes, Quebec also makes its own provisions in this category. The three options are:

  • Entrepreneur Program – for those interested in establishing or acquiring a business in Quebec.
  • Investor Program – for those who want to make an investment in Quebec’s economic development.
  • Self-Employed Worker Program – for those who want to carry on a trade or profession in their own right.

Immigration QC: students and temporary workers

If you already in the province as a temporary worker or you hold a student visa, Quebec also allows you to apply for a CSQ in the skilled worker category. For applicants aged 18 or over, there are two possibilities:

  • The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).
  • The Regular Selection Program for skilled workers.

A self-assessment questionnaire can help applicants decide which program is appropriate.

Immigrate to Quebec through Global Visas

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