Canada Student Visa

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Requirements for Student Visa Canada

Most foreign nationals will require a study permit to study in Canada and others will need to apply for a temporary residence Canada visa. Exceptions may include those taking courses lasting less than six months; family members of accredited foreign representatives to Canada; and members of a foreign armed force. Whether or not they need a permit, all applicants must demonstrate:

  • Acceptance by a school, university or educational institution in Canada.
  • Proof of ability to pay tuition fees, living expenses and return fares to their home country.
  • Ability to satisfy health requirements.

Student visa in Canada for short courses

The general rule is that you do not need a study visa for Canada if your course or university exchange scheme lasts six months or less. But those intending to extend their studies beyond the six-month period should still apply for a study permit before arrival. You must still apply for a study permit for a short course where:

  • You are considered a minor in the province where you plan to study.
  • You intend to work on campus.
  • You want to take part in a co-op or internship scheme.

Study and work in Canada

Foreign nationals wishing to combine study and work in Canada will not always require a separate work permit. Those with a valid student visa for Canada may work on the campus of the college where they are registered, either for that institution or a private business. This also applies to graduate and teaching assistants, who may also be allowed to work off campus without a work permit under some circumstances. To learn more about working while on a student visa, contact Global Visas.

Dependent children studying in Canada

The minor children of foreign nationals working or studying in Canada will usually require a study permit to attend school. Exceptions include:

  • Minor children attending pre-school or kindergarten.
  • Minor children who are refugees or offspring of refugee claimants.
  • Dependent children of accredited foreign representatives.

Primary and secondary school age children will need an open study permit, and those of university age will require a study permit for Canada.

Apply for your Canada study visa through Global Visas

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