China Family Visa

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If you wish to join your family in China there are a range of options available to you. To help you navigate through the difficult application process, Global Visas offers a comprehensive Chinese visa service.

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China Family Visa options

Permanent residence China family visa

Offering the most benefits for a family member is the Permanent Residence Visa – referred to as the “D-visa”. This can be obtained via a Chinese family connection. While not officially referred to as a China family visa, the D-visa is extremely difficult to obtain without a family connection, requiring the applicant to demonstrate their significant value to Chinese society. To find out if your Chinese family connections make you eligible for this category of Chinese visa, click on the link to take the free assessment. Your Chinese immigration dreams await!

Spouse Visa China

Applying for a Chinese visa based on marriage will first require the marriage to be registered under Chinese law. China has an application process for registering marriages. There is no specific Chinese marriage visa, so the process can be somewhat confusing without a consultant. Thankfully, the immigration experts at Global Visas can help. Take the free assessment to find out about your options regarding the spouse visa to China.

China visas with family included

Other categories of China visa allow the applicant to bring family members on the same visa. The China work visa (Z-Visa), for example, can be issued to both the foreign worker and accompanying family members. Visit the China Work Visa page for more information, or take the free assessment to start your application now.

Chinese visa for visiting family

China’s L-visa is often referred to as the “family visit visa”. This category of China family visa allows short-term stays in China for the purposes of visiting family. There are many good things about China, but its reverence for families and family bonds is perhaps its greatest attribute.

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