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The following pages contain detailed information about your various paths to living in Japan. They include temporary Japan visa options, along with information about permanent Japan immigration.

Japan Visa Requirements

This page serves as a guide to the various categories of visa for Japan, granting the right to live in Japan for a specified number of years. Included are basic summaries of the work visa for Japan, the student visa for Japan, a Japanese visa for short-term visitors and Japan visas for family members. Use the free assessment tool to find out which category you need.

Japan Immigration

A detailed guide to permanent Japanese immigration, this page is a summary of the different pathways to Japanese permanent residency and citizenship. Alternatively, you can click on the free assessment to find out if you qualify for immigration to Japan.

Japan Work Visa

There are 13 different categories of work visa for Japan. If you would like to work in Japan, it is essential that you make the correct choice. The free assessment will help you determine which Japan visa you need.

Student Visa Japan

Find out how to study in Japan by visiting the Student Visa Japan page. This page includes a detailed summary of the three different categories of Japan visa available to students. The fastest way to find the right Japanese visa for your needs is to take the free assessment, so click on the below link to start your Japan immigration now.