Netherlands Visa

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Holland Visa

If you want a Holland visa then the first task will be to acquire a long term residence permit, to let you live in Holland. This will open the way for you to get a visa to work in Netherlands or study in Netherlands, depending on what it is you want to do. Either way, to get a Netherlands visa you must first acquire a residence permit. Speak to one of our immigration consultants to see if you have what it takes to get a Dutch visa.

Netherlands immigration

Dutch immigration, whether for study or work, will take between one and two months. As long as you are old enough and trained for the right job or eligible to study the particular degree, and your participation in the company or university doesn’t come at the cost of a Dutch citizen or resident, then there should be no problem with your Holland immigration. Just in case, however, you should speak to a Dutch immigration expert at Global Visas.

Netherlands Work Visa

A work permit to the Netherlands is an employer-led process. You must meet requirements on age, skill level and career length while the company must have advertised the job internally and be paying you more than the average salary to justify a Netherlands work visa. So if you want to work in Holland, you will have to meet the Netherlands visa requirements first. Take the free assessment to apply for to work in Netherlands today.

Netherlands Student Visa

A student visa for the Netherlands is very easy if you only want to study for three months. However, if you want to study in Holland for longer, perhaps doing a university degree, then you will probably need your future school to apply on your behalf to speed up the process. Otherwise there is the threat that the Netherlands student visa will not be given in time for your degree. To study in the Netherlands, speak to an expert to find out how to speed up the process.