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Welcome to Global Visas - the world's leading consultancy for immigration to Sweden. Whether you are an individual or a business, Global Visas works with you to find the best Swedish visa to meet your needs through our teams of government-accredited solicitors and ex-immigration officers.

Applying for immigration through Global Visas is just the beginning. We offer comprehensive relocation solutions, from shipping your belongings to opening a bank account to finding a home. 

We are the biggest and best visa consultancy in the world, with more locations and a higher success rate than any other immigration company. Global Visas offices are located all over the world - including across Europe - allowing you to benefit from our local knowledge supported by global strength.

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You can find the best Swedish visa for your needs by taking the free assessment. This allows you to pass on your details to one of our Sweden immigration consultants, who will call you within 24 hours to help you with your visa for Sweden. Click on the link to start your Sweden visa application now, or read on to find out about all your Swedish immigration options.

Sweden Immigration

From permanent residency to citizenship – you have many different options for immigration to Sweden. Qualifying depends on your time spent in Sweden and your family connections in the country. Visit the Sweden immigration page to find out more about permanently living in Sweden, or take the free assessment to start applying now.

Swedish Visa

This page details the Swedish visa categories for individuals looking to live in Sweden temporarily. Your main options are work and study, however there is also a short-term Sweden visa for business, family, medical or tourism purposes. The free assessment will help you find your ideal visa to Sweden, so click on the above button to get started.

Sweden Work Permit

To work in Sweden, you need to apply for one of the many Sweden work visa categories. There is a standard Sweden work permit, along with a range of specialist categories for specific aspects of working in Sweden. The free assessment will help you find out if you qualify for a work permit in Sweden.

Sweden Study Visa

Studying in Sweden requires a Sweden student visa. There are four different categories: university, secondary, exchange, and other studies. Find how to qualify for study in Sweden by reading our Sweden Study Visa guide. Or click on the free assessment to save time and start applying now.