Switzerland Visa

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Switzerland Visa

Your nationality plays a huge role in getting a Switzerland visa. For example, a European national doesn’t have to apply for a Swiss work permit – instead they can use a Swiss Schengen visa, as long as their country participates in the Schengen Agreement.

Switzerland Immigration

Immigration to Switzerland doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re a member of the European community then you can live and work in the country without Switzerland citizenship or a Swiss work permit. But if you’re from abroad then you will have to look into getting a company to sponsor you on a Switzerland work permit or a university to offer you a place to study in Switzerland.

Swiss Work Permit

Applicants for a Switzerland work permit are divided into two groups. Those who are residents and citizens of a European country can live and work in Switzerland thanks to the Swiss Schengen visa, and so do not need a Swiss work permit. But those who are Third Country Nationals need a visa for working in Switzerland and a Swiss residence permit and a job offer from a Swiss company (or intra-company transfer).

Switzerland Student Visa

To study abroad in Switzerland you must first find a university or tertiary education facility. After applying and being accepted by one of these institutions you will be bale to study in Switzerland. But you will need to get a Switzerland student visa, which has various Swiss visa requirements that our experts can help you with.

Schengen Visa Switzerland

If you’re a foreign national who resides in one of the 25 countries signed up to the Schengen agreement then this country is open to you. Speak to one of our experts about what else you need with the Schengen visa to live and work in Switzerland.