US Immigration

We are leading US immigration experts with over 250 immigration consultants worldwide and in the USA. We specialize in US immigration and relocation.  US Visas can be complex and since 1996 we have represented our clients, defended their rights and win US Immigration cases so they can live and work in America.

Our experts also assist with all areas of shipping, FX, opening bank accounts, employment preparation services and our recruitment partners help our clients find the perfect job in the USA.

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As regulated Immigration advisors we bring expertise to highly complex US Immigration laws.  

US Visas for Work

Our experience has shown employers in the US receive thousands of applications for jobs from overseas every year.  Many employers will reject the resume on the simple fact it is from overseas and the person would need to comply with US Immigration and secure a US visa and that is difficult to arrange. Our US Immigration experts understand American employers and work to prepare clients resume, references, and qualifications for review to the US employment standard. Our team of immigration experts review international qualifications and complete a conversion so American employers are confident you have the qualifications required to do their job. Our US Immigration team also prepare references to suit the USA.  When you are immigrating to the USA you need to be certain you are supported in every way, beyond just securing a US visa. 

US Immigration Study Visas

The USA is a vital part of the global economy and studying in the USA opens doors across the globe.  Our USA immigration experts have contracts in thousands of US colleges.  We source the best courses at the best prices.  For those who wish to apply to stay longer in the USA after their studies our US immigration experts are ready in the USA to help you find ways to extend your stay and even secure a US green card.


We have thought of everything to make sure USA immigration is simple and effective.  We safe hands to provide the softest landing in their USA. 

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