Denmark Green Card

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Denmark Green Card eligibility

To qualify for a Denmark Green Card - granting you permanent Denmark immigration - you’ll have to score more than 100 points on education, age, language and work history. The education portion of the Denmark Green Card is assessed by CIRIUS, which is overseen by the Denmark Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

There are 30 points awarded for a Bachelors degree, 50 points for a Bachelors degree plus a one year Masters degree, 60 points if you have obtained a Masters degree and 80 points if you have gained a PhD. There are also as many as 15 points available if your school ranks in the top 400 in the world, and a Green Card for Denmark is even closer to your hand should your education be in any way related to jobs found on the country’s Positive List, as this would give you a further 10 points.

Meanwhile, there are a possible 30 points available for proficiency in languages like Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, and English or German. Tests in both languages (including Danish Level 1) will be required to get a Green Card for Denmark.

The Danish Green Card also relies on points given for work experience having worked as either a researcher or in a job on the Positive List. As many as 15 points are available for people who have worked up to five years in either of these jobs, valuable points that go towards a Danish Green Card.

Age is also a point of interest for the Denmark Green Card, with 15 points awarded for anyone under the age of 34 and 10 points awarded to men and women aged between 35-40. Likewise, adaptability or prior experience living or working in the European Union or EEA is worth up to 15 points towards your Danish Green Card.

Family members and the Denmark Green Card

If you’re granted a Green Card for Denmark then your spouse will also be eligible to join you, as will any children under age 18. Your partner is able to work full time for the whole of your Danish Green Card’s allotted period, should you want them to do so. Find out further information on our Work Permit Denmark page.