Denmark Student Visa

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Duration of a Denmark Student Visa

For those people who wish to study in Higher Education, a student visa for Denmark will be granted for the duration of the program, however long it lasts for. If, however, you intend to study abroad in Denmark under the Basic or Youth Study Programs then you will only be able to stay for a maximum of one year.

Study in Denmark - Extension to Visa

If you are granted a residence permit while you study in Denmark for a higher education, the residence permit will only last for an extra six months following the end of your studies, to let you look for work. If you haven’t already been granted the half year to find work then you can submit an application for an extension following your period of study in Denmark, providing you do look for (and find) work.

Working while on Denmark Student Visa

If you’re a foreigner who visits to study in Denmark a higher educational program or necessary preparatory course ordered by the Ministry of Education then you are able to work for up to 15 hours each week during the school term. You are also able, under this student visa to Denmark, to work full time hours during the months of June, July and August, as well as the post-study job-seeking period. However, if you are under 18 when you study abroad in Denmark then there are some limitations on how or where you work, especially if you are on the Folk High Schools or on the Basic/Youth programs.

Denmark Student Visa Family regulations

If you are given a Denmark Student Visa to let you study in Denmark then you are allowed to bring your cohabiting partner and any child under the age of 18 living at home with you to the country. But as the Denmark Student visa states, you must show that you must have at least 25,000 Danish Kroner at your disposal for each member of your family. Under the rules of the student visa to Denmark, your spouse can work full-time during the entire period you are in the country.

For the Basic and Youth Danish student visas, you are ordinarily not allowed to bring your family to Denmark, and there is little leeway available here.