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Visa Denmark eligibility

Although there are many different types of Denmark visa, including the Denmark tourist visa , Schengen visa and Denmark Green Card. The most highly desired are the Denmark Student Visa and Work Permit for Denmark. Here is a brief summary of what you need to be aware of to get the respective visa for Denmark:

Denmark Student Visa

To study in the country, all foreign nationals need a Danish visa. To qualify for a Higher Education student visa for Denmark, you must be offered a place to study in a recognised tertiary institution. Your family will be allowed to travel with you and even work, providing you can prove your relationship and they meet the age requirements.

There are limits on the amount of paid work you can do while in the country on the Danish visa for study, as well as how long you can stay in Denmark after you complete your training. These Denmark visa requirements are outlined in full on the page for Denmark Student Visa.

Denmark Work Visa

The other popular choice for a Denmark visa is to work. Like the Denmark visa above, there are different Denmark visa requirements for people from Scandinavian countries, European countries and non European-countries regarding this work permit.

Points are allocated towards this Danish visa depending on your educational qualifications, language abilities, skills in relation to the job shortage list and other factors. To get your Danish visa, you will have to reach at least 100 points. A breakdown of how points are allocated towards a work visa for Denmark can be found on the Denmark Visa Requirements for Work Permits page.

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