Dubai Family Visa

The UAE can offer you and your family an outstanding quality of life in terms of healthcare, education and employment opportunities, which is why we’re receiving more applications to live and work in the UAE than ever before. Now that the country has undergone some drastic changes, there are now thousands of people flocking here each month and we’re proud to say that many of them came to us to get their immigration cases professionally processed. Why run the risk of having your application to immigrate to Dubai with your family refused when we have so many years of experience? Not only have we been helping our clients to obtain visas for the UAE since 1996 but our service is affordable and effective, too. 

Family Visas for the UAE are usually processed in just a few months, which means they’re one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Dubai with your family. Global Visas work hard to obtain visas for their clients and we love hearing all the great feedback from our satisfied clients. We would like to point out that neither the times nor costs of processing are set out by Global Visas, rather they are the responsibility of the UAE immigration authorities. Because we do not control either the times or costs of processing, we are unable to affect either. Therefore, we would strongly recommend that our clients do not purchase any tickets for travel before such time as their visa is processed successfully.

Sometimes we have to make tough choices in life. Nowadays more and more people are travelling away from their home in order to find work, which can really put a strain on family relationships. A really rewarding part of our job is bringing families together; whether they’ve spent years apart or whether they’re moving together to a new country, we’re here to help. Our client, below, was spending too much time working abroad and came to Global Visas to help him find a solution:


“Because I was spending so much time in Dubai with my company, I decided that living out there would be a better option for me and my family. I spent so much time away from my wife and kids that I started to feel really bad about going to work. But if I didn’t go to work, who would be there to provide for my family? After speaking with my wife at length about our problems, we decided that we would like to move to Dubai. That way, I could keep my well-paying job and have my wife and kids with me as well. Working with Global Visas made the whole process so quick and easy, I couldn’t believe how fast everything was sorted. Of course, I knew that many cases for moving to Dubai were rejected which is why getting a professional service on my side was so important. Having my wife and kids by my side while I work has changed all of our lives. I can’t thank Global Visas for all of their hard work and dedication”