Dubai Work Visa

It’s never been easier to relocate to the UAE and find work thanks to Global Visas. Because we’re the world’s most-trusted name in immigration, we can help you move to Dubai and find work whilst your visa application is being processed. We can help you do this because we have built up a great network of employers in the UAE who are looking to hire talented overseas staff. With this amazing network of employers and our unrivalled insight into UAE immigration, you’re sure to find yourself living and working in the UAE in no time. Why run the risk of having your case for Dubai immigration rejected when our expertise gives our clients a success rate of over 98%? Now's a better time than ever to move to the UAE so why not get your Dubai adventure underway by contacting Global Visas right now?

When you work with Global Visas, you could be living and working in the UAE in no time at all. We could have your work visa for the UAE processed in just a few weeks, making it one of the fastest types of immigration to the UAE. The Government of the UAE are always updating a list of special occupations which are currently needed in the country, and to find out whether your skills are needed in the UAE, get in touch with us right now.

Moving to Dubai could be the best decision that you’ve ever made and by working with Global Visas, you give yourself the best possible chance of having your application approved. Because we have a great network of employers in the UAE who are looking to hire skilled foreign workers, you could have a job offer in no time at all. Here, a client tells us his story of moving to the UAE with the help of Global Visas:


“Before I moved to Dubai, my career was going nowhere. I had been in the same job for more than five years and nothing seemed like it was ever going to change. It wasn’t that I was poor or finding my job difficult but it just felt like time for a change. Because I’d always lived in my hometown, I knew there was so much of the world that I wanted to go out and see so I began looking into options for moving abroad. After a little while, I chose to go with Global Visas because of their reputation in the business. Their website was really helpful, full of great information about living and working abroad. I took the free assessment and I was told the very next day that my skills would be needed in several countries, of which the UAE was one. I spoke with my family about moving abroad and they were all extremely supportive of the idea. Working with Global Visas, I had both a new job and was living in Dubai in just a few weeks. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for work overseas.”