German Immigration

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Applying for immigration to Germany

Your best bet for German immigration is to apply for a Residence Permit, however you also have citizenship and employment-based pathways to consider.

Permanent Residence Permit

To achieve permanent German immigration you will need to apply for a “Niederlassungserlaubnis”, otherwise known as a “Permanent Residence Permit”. To qualify, you will need to prove you have lived, worked and paid taxes in Germany for five years. Part of your application will involve you being tested on you knowledge of the German language, legal and social systems. In special Germany immigration cases, residence will be granted for political reasons, or to workers with required skills. Take our free assessment to find out if you can qualify for immigration to Germany.

Specialist Professionals

If you have specialist skills needed in Germany, you may be eligible for German immigration as a “Specialist Professional”. Most commonly, this will be granted to highly skilled graduates with specialist training, accomplished university teachers or experienced managers commanding high salaries. Visit the German work visa page for more details, or take our free assessment to find out if you have what it takes to apply.


If you have lived in Germany legally for eight years or more, you may be eligible for German citizenship. This will allow permanent German immigration by making you an official German citizen. Take the free assessment to find out about qualifying.