German Visas

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If you wish to live in Germany you have many different categories of German visa to consider. Most of your options relate to a work or study-related visa to Germany, although there are also short-term and business options available. The free assessment will allow you to find the right German Visa for you.

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Categories of Germany Visa

Below are the main categories of German visas, allowing you to live in Germany for a limited time period. To find out about moving to Germany permanently visit the German immigration page. This page is divided into three categories of Germany visas: Work Visas, Student Visas, and other short-term visas.

Work Visa Germany

The main work visa for Germany is the General Employment visa, however your options also include the Specialist Professional, Self-Employed, Van Der Elst and Au Pair visas. To find out more about German visa requirements for workers, visit the German Work Visa page.

Student Visa Germany

Anyone wishing to study in Germany must apply for either the standard Student Visa, Study Applicant’s Visa, Language Course Visa, or the Postgraduate and Scientific Research visa. Read more about the German visa requirements for students by visiting the German Student Visa page.

Short-Term German Visas

Your main option for a short-term German visa is the Schengen Visa, allowing you to remain in Germany for a short period of time – usually up to 90 days. Visit the Schengen Visa Germany page for further details.