Irish Spouse Visa

Living and working in Ireland continues to grow in popularity and may be achieved through an Irish work permit or Intra Company Transfer (ICT), or by applying for an Irish Green Card.

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Those who successfully apply to live and work in Ireland through Irish work permits or Green Card applications may relocate to Ireland, visa permitting, for several years and in some cases progressing to permanent residency and naturalising as an Irish citizen.

As a result, Irish visa services make specific provision for spouse and dependent immigration allowing the immediate family members of the main applicant to migrate to Ireland with them.

Immigration to Ireland has undergone a considerable expansion in recent decades. Rapid economic growth has created a demand for economic migrants, and increasingly, foreign nationals are benefiting from the high quality of life and comparatively liberal immigration service offered by Ireland.

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In Ireland, work permit applications, Intra Company Transfers and Green Card visa applications all address the issue of family immigration, allowing the spouses and/or dependents of applicants migrating to Ireland to join them in the country.

The Irish spouse and dependent permit scheme allows these family members to apply for permission to work during their time in the country. This enables those who have entered the country through this family visa route to help to support themselves for the duration of their stay.

In Ireland, spouse and dependent visa applications provide the key benefit of allowing applicants to work without the need to undergo a labour market means test.

Where those entering the country are the relatives of an applicant who has already successfully obtained an Irish work visa this requirement is waived, allowing the dependent family members to seek and undertake employment as easily as possible.


In Ireland, immigration of family members through spouse and dependent permits entails some eligibility requirements, however these relate to the main applicant and their immigration status.

People applying for an Irish spouse or dependent visa must be joining a primary applicant who is in possession of one of the following:

  • a current and valid Irish Green Card permit;
  • a current and valid working permit with a grant of at least 12 months duration;and
  • a current and valid Intra-Company Transfer permit with a grant of at least 12 months duration.


In Ireland, spouse and dependent visas are normally issued to coincide with the immigration status of the main applicant. Permits will be granted to match the duration of the primary candidate's work permit, ICT or Green Card application.

Additional Information - Changing Employer

A dependent or spouse visa application is subject to the same rules which govern applicants for work visas, work permit and Green Card holders.

They are obliged to stay with the specified employer for a minimum of 12 months, after which a change of employment may be permitted provided that a new work permit application is made. Find out further information on our Irish Tourist Visa page.