Italian Immigration

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The path to Italian citizenship

Below is a brief introduction to the main categories of long-term residence permit for Italy. For temporary visa options, see the Italy Visa Requirements page, or to find out more about Italy citizenship start the Global Visas free assessment by clicking the link above.

Migration to Italy for retirement

Italy will consider residency visa applications from people who have reached retirement age. Special consideration will be given to foreign nationals of Italian origin who want to immigrate to Italy. Applicants need to complete a long-term visa application form and provide detailed information about their finances. Once in Italy, they will also require a stay permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) issued by the Questura of the city in which they are residing. This visa does not allow applicants to work while they are living in Italy.

Immigration in Italy for non-workers

Italy immigration policy also allows residency visas to be granted to foreign nationals who are not yet retired but can demonstrate substantial assets and a self-sustaining income stream. The application process is the same as for retirees, and the visa does not permit applicants to work in Italy.

Immigrating to Italy for family

The “family reasons” visa covers those who wish to join relatives and partners already living in Italy. There are two categories:

  • Spouses of EU or European Economic Area citizens. These applicants will not require an entry clearance (nulla ostra). They can provide the Visa Office with a copy of the citizen’s passport or identity papers and a declaration requesting the presence of the family member in Italy.
  • Relatives (spouses, children or dependent parents) of a non-EU citizen who holds a regular Italian permit of stay. These applicants will require an entry clearance.

As with the categories above, all applicants must complete a long-term visa application form and apply for a stay permit. They must also show proof of the familial relationship with the person they wish to join. Under the Italy immigration requirements, foreign nationals applying for permanent residence through marriage to an Italian citizen must also register their marriage at the Italian Consulate.

Italy immigration through Global Visas

Immigration advisers at Global Visas can help to guide you through the process of obtaining the documents you need for long-term residence in Italy. Our experts are also fully qualified to handle applications from those seeking immigration from Italy. The easiest way to get in touch with a Global Visas consultant is to take the free assessment.