Italy Work Visa

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One of our areas of expertise is the Italy work visa. If you are planning to live and work in Italy, the experts at Global Visas can help you find the best Italian visa to suit your needs – whatever your occupation. The best way to contact Global Visas is to take the free assessment now. One of our consultants will call you back within 24 hours to discuss your ideal work visa for Italy.

Working in Italy

There are several different categories of working visa for Italy, some of which are described below. If you want to know more about whether you qualify for one of these, or you are planning a working holiday in Italy, a Global Visas adviser can help you. To get in touch, simply click on the link to take our free assessment.

Schengen business visa

In addition to the Schengen visa application form, foreign nationals seeking an Italy work permit must supply several documents including:

  • A letter from their employer at home, stating why the applicant is expected in Italy and giving the dates and duration of the proposed stay.
  • An original letter of invitation from the company in Italy where the applicant proposes to work.
  • Proof of means of economic support in Italy.

Artists independent work visa to Italy

This covers performers seeking an Italian work visa in order to take part in activities such as operatic or theatrical productions. In addition to a Schengen visa or long-term visa application form, applicants will also need:

  • A job contract signed by the operator of the theatre or company for which they will be performing and an affidavit stating that the independent work contract will not be changed into a subordinate work contract.
  • A stay permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) issued by the Questura of the city in which they are staying. This must be obtained within eight days of entering Italy and surrendered on departure.

Work permit in Italy for religious activity

This covers applicants whose work in Italy is for religious purposes. In addition to a Schengen visa or long-term visa application form, foreign nationals will also need a letter from their church congregation or parish at home. This should make clear the applicant’s religious qualifications and reason for coming to Italy. They will need a corresponding letter from the host congregation in Italy to confirm their eligibility for a work permit for Italy.

Your plans may involve a working holiday visa for Italy, or another area of business or commerce. At Global Visas we can help with a wide range of immigration enquiries, because our staff have many years of experience in the field. You can save time applying for your working visa for Italy by clicking on the link below to take our free assessment today.