Japan Work Visa

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With so many different categories of work visa for Japan, it is vital that you speak to the experts to find the right one for you. Click on the above link to find your ideal pathway to Japanese immigration and you’ll be working in Japan before you know it.

All of the following categories of Japan work visa are valid for either three years or one year.

The Professor Japan work visa allows the applicant to work in Japan as a researcher at a college or educational institution. The main eligibility requirement is that the researcher has secured a position at a sponsoring institution.

The Artist working visa for Japan is available to anyone who can generate their own income working in the arts (fine arts, literature, etc).

An Investor/Business Manager visa is available to anyone planning on working in Japan for the purposes of international trade, investing in a Japanese business, or managing business activities in Japan. Eligibility for this category of Japanese visa depends on the type of work in Japan, however it will usually require a letter from your current employer describing your business dealings in Japan, or details of the Japanese company you are involved with.

The Legal/Accounting Services work visa for Japan is available to foreign law or accounting specialists.

A Medical Services Japan work visa allows the applicant to work in Japan as a physician, dentist or other medical areas of expertise.

A Researcher working visa for Japan will allow the applicants to work as a researcher for a Japanese company (excluding the activities covered by the Professor visa). The applicant must have contract to work in Japan from the company.

An InstructorJapan working visa is designed for language teachers, as well as other areas of education at elementary school, high school, vocational school and other educational institutions.

The Engineer work visa for Japan is for specialists in the physical science, engineering or other related fields, requiring a contract with a Japanese company.

A Specialist in Humanities/International Services can apply for a specific category of Japan work visa. The visa allows specialists in jurisprudence, economics, sociology or other human science fields to work in Japan, requiring a contract with a Japanese company.

An Intra-Company Transferee working visa for Japan is designed to allow employees of an international business to work at a company’s Japanese branch.

The Entertainer work visa for Japan is available to theatrical and musical performers, sportspeople, and other areas of showbusiness.

Unlike all of the above categories of Japan work visa, the Working Holiday visa for Japan is valid for only 12 months. A working holiday in Japan is available only to 18-30 year-olds, allowing applicants to live, work and travel in the country.

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