Student Visa Japan

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There are three main categories of student visa for anyone interested in study abroad in Japan.

College Student Visa Japan

The main category of student visa for Japan allows you to study in Japan at a college/university (as well as other educational institutions, special courses of study, or vocational training). The visa comes in two forms: a two-year or a one-year visa. The main eligibility requirement to study abroad in Japan is that you have secured a place at a sponsoring educational institution.

Pre-College Student Visa Japan

This category of Japanese student visa is for any studies below college/university level, allowing the applicants to study in Japan at high school, vocational school or other equivalent levels of education. The duration can be between six months and one year, while eligibility is the same as the above College Student Visa for Japan.

Trainee study in Japan

This category allows the applicant to study in Japan with an institution not covered by the above two categories. This could include undertaking a traineeship at a Japanese company. The duration of this type of student visa to Japan is either one year or six months.

Dependents of someone studying in Japan

Dependents of foreigners studying in Japan will also be eligible for a visa, permitted to obtain a visa for the duration of their study in Japan.

How to apply for study in Japan

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