British consider Canada immigration for property investment

June 24 2009 by Bryan

Canada immigration attracting brit property investors

Canada visas for Brit investors

The British are increasingly looking to move to Canada in order to make the most of the property investment opportunities waiting for them over the Atlantic.

The Canadian property market is showing signs that recovery is just around the corner and there are thought to be many overseas investors waiting in the wings to buy up bargain property before prices start to increase once more.

Canada immigration has long been one of the most popular places among emigrating Brits, and those with money to spend on a property investment are now even more likely to look to settle in Canada.

In addition, the pound sterling is at its strongest point against the Canadian dollar for months.

Christopher Chad, the head of research at Property Frontiers, says bargains are likely to be available before the recovery fully sets in and prices start to rise. He claims, "before long we will see big discounts being offered on Canadian property and you can be sure that when this happens the investors will come running."

Chad predicted that Canadian property prices will continue to fall for the remainder of 2009 before recovering value in 2010. Therefore, the time to invest in a Canadian visa for the property market is now.

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