Peace activist given green light by Canada immigration

March 02 2010 by Jay

A US peace activist, placed on a watch list by the FBI and previously denied entry to Canada was successful in crossing the Canadian border yesterday.

The 63-year old former soldier joked as she emerged onto Canadian soil at the crossing point of Windsor, Ontario after 3-hours of questioning by Canada immigration officials, “I guess they didn’t find my offences so offensive.”

Ann Wright, who served as an army corporal and was in the army for 29-years, had previously been refused into Canada three times due to her criminal record, this even though it features nothing more than misdemeanours. Wright, who is a staunch objector to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, says she was placed on the FBI watch list of citizens that had committed federal felonies because of these views.

Wright who resides in Hawaii will speak at the University of Toronto today, there she will speak and share her views on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Speaking of the wars Wright said; "I'm strongly opposed to the wars and I think it's important to speak out. If we don't, the government won't know the feelings of citizens."

A spokesperson for the group that sponsored her trip into Canada said that the crossing was chosen at Windsor as it was thought Canada immigration would be more favourable due to the support of local MP’s Joe Comartin and Brian Masse.

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