Thousands of jobs for foreigners who want to work in Canada

March 13 2009 by Bryan

The Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, has been speaking about what a great place it is for prospective immigrants made redundant in the UK and India to move to Canada .


Between December and January, Saskatchewan reported a decline in unemployment, and a recently announced CA$500 million infrastructure plan will add more jobs. Wall says the region is developing new projects and is diversifying from its traditional and lucrative industries, of oil, uranium and potash, offering excellent opportunites to overseas immigrants to work in Canada .

“It's a great time to come to Saskatchewan…For those losing their jobs, we need them to know we have thousands of jobs open right now in both the private and public sector…We have a powerful story to tell, a story of success and that's something we want to share with those who are struggling," said the Premier.

"It's a beautiful, big place where life is great right now and there's also opportunity," he added.

This point of view is reflected by a recent Conference Board of Canada report, which predicted that Saskatchewan will lead Canada in terms of economic growth due to development and tax reductions.

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