UK immigration changes Tier 4 student visa application form

June 02 2009 by Bryan

New application forms have been released for people applying for UK student visas under Tier 4 of the new points-based system and for PBS dependants. The new forms were released yesterday, 1st June, 2009, alongside changes to policy guidance.

Transitional arrangements allow people who are applying to remain living in the UK to prove they have the sufficient funds to meet the Tier 4 student visa requirements actually on the day of their application, rather than for a period of 28 days before their application. These arrangements will be extended until 30 September 2009.

The required contents of loan letters from financial institutions that show the availability of funds through a loan will be changed slightly so that an account number does not necessarily have to be shown.

A Tier 4 migrant’s official financial sponsor will be permitted to extend their support to the immigrant’s dependants.

The application forms have been re-phrased to clarify that migrants studying in the UK , in inner London only, will have to prove they have a higher level of funds with which to do so. Those studying in outer London will not be covered by the higher level rules.

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