UK immigration office in Qatar opens six days a week

June 10 2009 by Jonathan

British Embassy in Doha

Embassy processing more UK visas

The UK immigration office in Doha, Qatar is to open six days each week in order to cater for the growing number of applications for UK visas.

The visa application centre in Doha’s British embassy is to open for an extra day over the summer months in order to process more applications. Demand for UK visas increases over the summer, according to embassy officials.

The office, which is a based in the Sharif building, will now open from Saturday to Thursday until 23 July 2009. The office used to be closed on a Saturday but staff will be working the extra day to assess more UK visa applications.

The UK Border Agency’s Danny Wooder, explains, “we receive a very large number of applications during the summer and we want to offer customers the greatest possible flexibility over when to make their applications.”

Wooder also gave advice on how Qatar applicants can speed up their application and minimise the risk of error or delay. He said, “we recommend that applicants apply early and enclose as much supporting documentation as they can in order to help us assess their applications properly.”

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