Why do people move to Australia?

February 24 2012 by Bryan

Crave some sun, sand, beach and wine? How about a dash of extra income thrown into the equation to add the proverbial cherry to the cake? People moving to Australia definitely seem to have this in mind while deciding to make a move there.

A new report from Barclays Wealth International (BWI) has asked people who have moved to Australia the main reasons for doing so.

The top reason for the move to Australia that 26.14 per cent of the respondents cited was to improve their standard of living. Adam, a client of Global Visas shares his insight on the matter saying, "I hanker for new experiences and places. My new home, Australia, offers me the exact lifestyle I was determined to have. The country's warm, sunny climate and space mean more outdoor-time and leads to active lifestyles. Perfect for social blokes like me!"

The second most important reason to move, according to 11.36 per cent of the respondents of the survey was the thriving economy. Another client of Global Visas, Linn, says, "Employment was the main driving factor in my case. Jobs in Australia are abundant and the rates of pay are generous too. After all, an extra quid never hurts!"

BWI has also found that many young people apply for a working holiday visa for Australia with the intention of staying permanently. Interestingly, many applicants look for a job with a company that will sponsor them for a permanent residency once they have settled in Australia.

About 6.8 per cent of those questioned said that their main reasons for moving to Australia was to have access to many interesting parts of the world, including the New Zealand, the South Pacific and South-East Asia.

A fairer cost of living was identified as the main reason for moving to Australia by 5.6 per cent of people. Kirsten Green, who made a home for herself and her young daughter, Bea, in Western Australia says, "The cost of homes, cars and leisure is particularly favourable in less popular regions of Western Australia, that offer all the bounties of Australia on a string budget, too."

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