Norway Student Visa

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Benefits of study in Norway

Studying in Norway provides access to a world-class education system with a supportive structure offering loans to all students. A Norway student visa allows you to live and study in Norway for the duration of your course. After your studies have been completed, you will have the option of applying for residence as a skilled worker. A Norway student visa also acts as a work permit allowing you to work part-time during your semester and full-time during your break.

Different types of Study in Norway

The Norway student visa is most commonly granted for full-time studies at a Norwegian college or university. However, Norway visas are also available in a number of different circumstances, including: secondary school exchange students, students in international programs and Norwegian language students.

Norway student visa requirements

To qualify for a Norway student visa, you must have already been accepted by a Norwegian educational institution. Additional Norway student visa requirements include: you have the funds to support your stay, you have pre-arranged accommodation, and you agree to leave Norway once your permit has expired.

How Global Visas can help you study in Norway

Applying to study in Norway can be a lengthy process with multiple steps. This is why it is important that you consult an immigration expert who can handle every step of your application. The best way to contact Global Visas for help with your Norway student visa is to take the free assessment. So click on the button below to start your pathway to studying in Norway.